EV Charging Stations Now Available at Tathra Beach House Apartments

28 Jun 2024

At Tathra Beach House, we believe in leading by example when it comes to sustainability. With a growing demand for sustainable travel options and a growth in visitors with electric vehicles (EV), we have installed new EV charging stations at our property.

Our EV Charging Stations 

Our EV charging stations operate on the Exploren Network, and feature the latest technology, ensuring they are safe, efficient, and easy to use. Here’s what you can expect: 

  • Fast Charging: Our stations are equipped with fast-charging capabilities, allowing you to recharge your vehicle in a matter of hours. 
  • Compatibility: The charging stations are compatible with type 2 charging cables. If you don’t have one, we have one available at our reception.  
  • User-Friendly Interface: The stations feature an intuitive interface, making it easy for you to start charging your vehicle with just a few simple steps. 
  • 24/7 Availability: The EV charging stations are available around the clock, so you can charge your vehicle at your convenience. Whether you are returning late from a day of exploring or heading out early for a new adventure. 

How to use our EV Charging Stations 

Using our EV charging stations is straightforward. Here’s a quick guide: 

  1. Locate the stations: Our EV charging stations are conveniently located in the parking area. Follow the signs or ask our staff for directions. 
  2. Plug in: Park your vehicle in one of the designated charging spots and connect it to the charging station. 
  3. Activate: Follow the instructions on the charging station’s screen to start charging. If you need assistance, our staff is always ready to help. 
  4. Charge and go: Once your vehicle is charged, simply unplug and continue with your journey. Or if you have booked any of our self-contained apartments you can move your car back into your lock-up garage. 

Our commitment to sustainable hospitality 

Introducing EV charging stations is just one of the many initiatives we have undertaken to promote environmentally sustainable tourism. From our large solar energy-efficient lighting fixtures to water-saving practices, recycling and waste management programs and bulk amenities processes that significantly reduce the use of single-use products, we are dedicated to doing our bit for the environment.  

Sustainable holiday activities  

While staying at Tathra Beach House Apartments, embark on eco-friendly adventures with a guided or self-guided walking tour from Sapphire Coast Guiding Co. or check out the kayaking tour from Navigate Expeditions.