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Whale Watching

Whale Tail

While the Humpback’s can be sighted on their Northern migration from May through to July it is the Southern migration from September to December that the whale season is at its best. It is at this time that the Humpback whales migrate to Antarctica and we see large numbers of whales closer inshore, often with their young calves..

You can often see the whales from our Ocean View apartments or from a number of vantage points around Tathra. Alternatively, to get really close, you can board a Whale Watching Charter in nearby Merimbula or Eden.  

Many other sea creatures are seen on the cruises, including Common & Bottlenose Dolphins, Australian Fur Seals, penguins, flying fish, sunfish, turtles and many species of sea birds. The waters off Tathra are perfect for whale watching. Many species of whales can be sighted throughout the year including Humpbacks, Southern Rights, Minke, Bryde’s, Blue and Orcas whales. 

Occasionally whales come in close to Tathra Wharf Watch a Video.

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Whale off Tathra Wharf
pod of whales
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whales chatting
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photographing whales
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epic whale jump
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