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Fishermen can choose from our historic Tathra Wharf, the Bega River or simply walk across to the Tathra Beach. If you are interested in deep sea fishing you can launch your boat a Kianinny Bay.

Tathra has great fishing! Boat, beach, estuary, rock and from the historic Tathra Wharf. There are great spots to take the kids and the experts won’t be disappointed either!

It is approximately 19kms to the continental shelf from the Kianinny Bay boat ramp.

The facilities at Kianinny Bay are first rate with fish cleaning tables and boat washing, maintained with the support of Tathra Fishing Club who will always make visitors welcome.
The fishing club also run regular fishing competitions. Upon launching there is immediate safe access to the open ocean with no sandbars to cross. Kianinny also has a lovely picnic and BBQ area.

The common species caught off Tathra include Sand and Tiger Flathead, Snapper, Morwong, Gurnard and Gummy Sharks.
Many holidaymakers and locals put their boats in at Kianinny in the pursuit of Flathead. Generally Sand Flathead are found in much shallower water than the Tiger Flathead. The best method is to drift fish enabling you to cover more territory.
To the north of Tathra there are reef fishing opportunities around Bunga and Goalen Head. Many good reef species are caught here as well as kingfish, sharks and tuna.

Almost every fisherman who comes to Tathra will have a go off Tathra Wharf, safe in most conditions and very easy to access.
Commons species caught include Salmon, Tailor, Kingfish, Luderick and some of the smaller Tuna species. Also a great place to catch some bait to try your luck else ware.

Tathra and its surrounding National Parks offer some spectacular beach fishing opportunities where Salmon, Tailor, Bream, Gummy Shark, Whiting and Mullet can be targeted. The northern end of Tathra beach fishes very well, as does Bournda Beach to the south and Middle Beach to the north.

Visiting fisherman who enjoy rock fishing will be pleasantly surprised with the fishing available from the rocks around Tathra. Black and Silver Drummer, Leatherjacket, Groper, Luderick and Banded Morwong can be caught all year round. From December to May fishermen target Bonito, Kingfish, Tailor and Salmon, on lures or using unweighted pilchards. Always remember to sit and watch any potential fishing spots to ensure that they are safe to fish.

The Bega River meets the sea at Mogareeka Inlet, it is a beautiful river system offering opportunities for bait, lure and fly-fishing. Blackfin and Yellowfin, Bream, Dusky Flathead, Jewfish, Whiting, Mullet, Tailor, Estuary Perch, Bass and Luderick can be caught regularly through the year.
Within the river system there are excellent areas to pump nippers and bloodworms or catching poddy mullet for Flathead as well as dip netting for prawns on dark nights over summer.

At Mogareeka there is a lovely picnic and family area and boat ramp.

Tathra has a number of outlets selling fishing gear and bait supplies, they will always welcome the visitors and tell them where the fish are biting.

Good Times Charters operate from Tathra. With trips departing from Kianinny Bay Reef Fishing and Flathead drifting trips, includes pick up, morning tea, bait and tackle.

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Merimbula Marina. Trips aboard “True Blue” and “Sea Eagle” departs daily from Merimbula Wharf. Reef Fishing and Flathead drifting trips all bait and tackle (Book at Reception).

Rathlin II Fishing Charters Operates from Merimbula

Headland Fishing Adventures Operates from Merimbula

Reel Affair Fishing Charters Operates from Merimbula